ICER Recognizes OmedaRx for Excellence in Health Technology Assessment

OmedaRx ICER

Recognition with special commendation given for evidence-based medication evaluation process

March 15, 2016

Portland, Ore. − OmedaRx, a Cambia Health Solutions company, has been recognized by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) for demonstrated excellence in the practice of health technology assessment, a multidisciplinary approach to informed decision-making in the health care space. ICER’s Recognition for Excellence was awarded with special commendation and was determined by a thorough evaluation of all elements of OmedaRx’s evidence assessment activities.

OmedaRx uses a rigorous assessment methodology to provide evidence-based reviews for health plans, employers, and physicians to encourage the use of medications that are safe, effective and provide value.

OmedaRx’s assessment methodology is based on objective criteria developed from best practices in evidence-based medicine, along with cost and clinical expert considerations. Information is synthesized and evaluated by pharmacists with specialized training in clinical evidence review. OmedaRx reviews its findings on an ongoing basis to ensure assessments reflect the most current information and data.

“OmedaRx is committed to identifying medication therapies that truly improve health and provide value, and quantifying to what extent,” said OmedaRx President Chip Parkinson. “We are very proud of ICER’s recognition given its national reputation as a leader in evaluating effectiveness and value in health care.”

ICER’s Recognition Program for Excellence in Health Technology Assessment sets standards for the practice of health technology assessment performed by pharmacy benefit managers, health insurers, and other organizations that review evidence to guide the development of coverage, pricing, payment, or practice policies.

“During the evaluation, OmedaRx demonstrated superior sophistication in synthesizing evidence to produce high quality reviews marked by outstanding clarity and transparency,” said Bill Dreitlein, ICER’s Director of Pharmaceutical Policy.

Cambia Health Solutions is in the process of building a consumer platform powered by OmedaRx’s assessment methodology that will make medication information available to a wider audience of patients, doctors and caregivers researching and considering treatment options.

About OmedaRx

OmedaRx, a pharmacy benefit management company, partners with health plans and employers to get the safest, most effective medications into patients' hands. Using a rigorous assessment process focusing on value-based benefit designs and patient education, OmedaRx helps people choose proven medications offering the best health outcomes. OmedaRx is a member of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies, based in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about OmedaRx visit

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