Medical Providers Can Improve Patient Collections With Technology Through New Partnership

Wellero-Easy Pay Solutions 2015

Health care providers get streamlined insurance verification and consumer-friendly solutions through Wellero and Easy Pay

September 15, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — Easy Pay Solutions and Wellero have partnered to offer medical providers an efficient way to improve patient collections and to save front-office staff time and resources.

Through this partnership, providers have access to Wellero, a streamlined insurance verification tool that allows staff to use a single portal to access 700-plus insurance plans. This reduces the time provider office staff spends researching benefits and eligibility information online and on the phone. In addition, providers can use the Easy Pay Solutions’ payment processing tool to improve patient collections and decrease the time spent chasing payments.

“Wellero is very excited to partner with Easy Pay because it allows us to give medical providers a lower credit card transaction rate, and the ability to promote technology-based best practices for effective billing and payment,” said Hanny Freiwat, president of Wellero. “We are looking forward to helping Easy Pay Solutions’ providers enhance billing practices, leading to more revenue and satisfied patients.”

Wellero’s platform is web-based and integrated with Easy Pay. It can complement existing EMR solutions and fill in the gaps to create a more efficient and profitable practice. Easy Pay Solutions, a payment processor, teaches best practices for payment collections, such as keeping patients’ credit cards on file for billing.

“Our goal is to give medical practices a way to control how and when they get paid from patients. We suggest a credit card on file and easy billing, which has the added benefit of reducing staff paperwork, time and stress,” said Jim Turner, vice president of marketing for Easy Pay Solutions. “Moving the financial conversation to the front desk before a patient sees a doctor is a consumer-friendly direction, but it requires that staff has key information that is only available from the insurance companies. Wellero’s eligibility solution provides that information in an integrated and streamlined way that increases efficiency.”

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About Wellero

Wellero is a web-based, point-of-sale solution that gives providers instant access to patients’ eligibility and payment responsibility information. Wellero also allows patients to check their benefits, see their deductible status and make payments to the provider through the free Wellero smartphone app. Wellero transforms a traditionally complex process into a convenient, efficient, and seamlessly connected experience for patients, providers and insurers. To learn more, visit

About Easy Pay Solutions

Easy Pay Solutions, was started in 1998 by two former VISA employees with the simple mission of helping providers and healthcare organizations collect payments from patients in a timely and cost effective way. As high-deductible plans became more popular, Easy Pay has accelerated its service to help clients not only support product solutions but also to also assist office managers and front office members implement patient friendly best practices for patient collections. Today, Easy Pay is used in thousands of medical offices.

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