Cambia’s Bicycle Friendly Workplace Meets Art

July 2, 2019

Over the last five years, the number of bicycle commuters nationally has increased by 57%. While an individual’s motivation for biking to work might vary from improving ones overall fitness, reducing their carbon footprint or saving money, employees and companies across the country are embracing the cycling lifestyle.

At Cambia, the number of employees cycling to work continues to expand, reflecting the national trend of upward growth. 

To accommodate the increasing popularity in Portland, a bike locker is planned in coordination with the management of the company’s Portland headquarters, where cyclists can safely park their bikes and gear. “We’re glad to have a dedicated and secure area for employee bikes,” said Timothy Morita-Mcvey, a Cambia employee and bike commuter. “With the increase of bike commuters every year, it’s awesome to add additional parking as well as secured parking.”

This new addition along with other bike commuting activities, like the recent Bike More Challenge, a month-long state-wide competition where other Oregon-based businesses like OHSU, Nike and Intel compete for points and prizes, will help grow Cambia’s cycling community by encouraging employees to experience first-hand the joys and benefits of riding a bike.  

The new locker will hold an additional 66 bikes dedicated exclusively for Cambia employees in a secure room and complement the 300-bike rack spaces open to all tenants of the building.

In addition, through employee collaboration and the inspiration of local artist and Bon Appetit Chef, Alice Blaschke, a wall mural is planned for the locker to highlight the sights, smells and feelings of a Portland commute.

The steps and design process of this collaborative effort is a true reflection of Cambia’s core values. 

Employees Brainstorm Mural Artwork with Artist

Employees hosted a design charrette, solicited feedback on the images and messaging for the mural; then voted on the winning design to implement this summer.

See Concepts Employees Voted For ― and the Winning Sketch

Local artist, Alice, took employees ideas of what a biking commute meant to them and came up with several concepts that played with dark and light tones with a common theme of Portland’s scenic backdrop of mountains and trees.

Stay tuned for our follow-up blog to see the winning wall mural.

Learn more about Cambia’s commitment to wellness:

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