Consumer on the Street: Imagining and Looking into the Future of Health Care

December 7, 2016

This post is the last of our three-part “Consumer on the Street” video series, where we traveled the Western United States and Canada to ask people for their honest health care opinions and experiences. Check out part one and part two.

We asked people about their hopes and ideas for the future of health care. They also shared what they would ask health care leaders to change in order to provide a better overall experience.

Here are some of the highlights:

Price Transparency

“I think it would be nice if we had a system that was a little more transparent, that made it easier to comparison shop.”

“I go online, I type in my particular need for whatever symptom I have, and it tells me what doctor to go to, it gives me reviews of that doctor. I go there, there’s no ambiguity about what I’m going to pay.”

Keeping it Simple

“My dream would be a lot less paperwork and a lot more online.”

“In ten years, I think that the health care system should be more streamlined, more user friendly.”

Health Care in the Home

“Ten years from now, when I want to access a health care provider, I want to go online, make an appointment, maybe have a consultation by video chat.”

“I want a system that’s really convenient. That if you do have a medical concern, that there’s not this idea that it’s on the patient to go out of their homes, seek out this help.”

Check out part one and part two of the series: