Modern Healthcare Article Explores Opportunities in Pediatric Palliative Care

June 4, 2018

Advances in medicine and technology are helping seriously ill and injured children live longer than in previous generations. However, the need for pediatric palliative care is growing faster than the number of programs or practitioners can provide.

A new article in Modern Healthcare, Pediatric Palliative Care: Hope and Hoping for Something Different, by Cambia Senior Vice President Peggy Maguire looks at how when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness or is injured, it’s more than just a medical issue. It’s a human issue that impacts the entire family.

In the article, Peggy outlines advances in pediatric palliative care as well four areas of opportunity for expanding the access and quality of pediatric programs to ensure children and their families can live the best day possible every day:

  • Funding
  • Home care
  • Workforce development
  • Evidence-based research

To learn more about how palliative care leaders are helping ensure children’s and families’ physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs are met at all stages of care, read Pediatric Palliative Care: Hope and Hoping for Something Different.