The Power of Employee Wellness Programs

June 27, 2019

Studies have shown that wellbeing-minded organizations lead to more productive, engaged workforces and create company cultures that drive recruitment and retention. Providing wellness programs on nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, stress and weight management, along with a green work environment can improve employee health, boost productivity, increase morale and positively impact the bottom line.

What’s Included in Employee Wellness?

Cambia is deeply commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees. Offering a comprehensive wellness program and embracing green workplace initiatives, we strive to provide an environment that allows employees to thrive at work and in all aspects of life.  

Explore what Cambia does:

1. Air - Cambia uses highly monitored heating and cooling systems, circulates air frequently, incorporates live plants in offices, and uses materials with minimal “off-gassing” for all construction projects and janitorial supplies.

2. Water - Hydration stations provide access to clear, good-tasting water to promote hydration throughout the day.

3. Nourishment - Healthy food options are nearby and available where employees can get away from their desks to eat and relax. Breakrooms have kitchenettes with refrigerators, microwaves and sinks to facilitate food prep from home.

4. Light - ​Natural light and views can be enjoyed by everyone in most interior offices; short cubicle walls and other low-profile furniture at the windows allow light to flow throughout the space.

5. Fitness Activities - Cambia’s wellness offerings range from: gyms, walk stations, bike stations, bike Lockers, walking/running paths, ping pong and foosball – with each of our locations having one or more of these type of fitness areas to encourage physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior.

6. Comfort - Ergonomic workspaces are key and include sit-stand desks and adjustable chairs, as well as an Ergonomics Helpline.

7. Mind - The wellness program, managed by HR, provides open community spaces to allow employees to engage with one another, eat meals together, play ping pong, and build a sense of community.

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